Emo-rapper Jeremy Romance releases "I Miss You, More Than I Did Yesterday"

By Cassie Whitt

Jeremy Romance - 2022

MARCH 18, 2022 -  Syracuse, New York Emo-rapper Jeremy Romance (FFO: Lil Peep, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert) has released "I Miss You, More Than I Did Yesterday," his first of many independent singles dropping in 2022. 
Romance, who remains in the studio nearly all the time devising new tracks, put together "I Miss You..." with a little inspiration from early-'00s pop-punk.
“I was just listening to Box Car Racer, and I wanted to do a song just like theirs. This is something I miss and I wanted to do it again. So, I wrote a song with that spirit in mind," explains Romance. 
With acoustic guitar creating the bones of the track, subtle beats and more melody throughout the verses, this track is one of Romance's more rock-leaning.

The music video, which features Romance's actual wife, features a classic "Say Anything" boombox moment with a fiery twist at the end.

Jeremy Romance is a rising emo-rapper from Syracuse, NY with roots in the emo and hardcore scenes.

Romance fronted horror-punk band One Last Shot from 2008 to 2017. The band laid bare Romance's struggles with mental health and yanked the heartstrings of a dedicated fanbase so hard the band received widespread coverage from major rock outlets and played their local Warped Tour 5 years in a row. Such accolades ultimately afforded them the opportunity to tour with popular artists including the Used and Misfits.

So, it's only second-nature that Romance, who has always had a passion for hip-hop, could seamlessly translate the lyrical sincerity, outcast energy and darkness of his rock endeavors to a new genre. Romance released his debut hip-hop single “Zerø Friends Club," which featured Horse Head, formerly of GothBoiClique in 2018 and has since had considerable success on Soundcloud through a series of eclectic singles.