Studio Update - April, 2022

By 180dB Artists Staff

Studio Update - April, 2022

Hey, Everyone! We hope April has been as good to you as it has been to us! Stick around so we can catch you up on what's been going on here in the studio.

 April kicked off with a new artist from Buffalo, NY. Chelsea has been performing since 2013 under other artist names, and released the first Stress Dolls songs in 2015. Since then Chelsea has been meticulously crafting her brand of Rock n'  Roll incorporating a softer-spoken edge to the songs that brings these Pop/Rock anthems to life. We're looking forward to you hearing these songs in the coming month.

 After that we were pleased to welcome Thru it All. Pop Punkers from Oklahoma with noodly riffs and emotive lyrics to scratch that Warped Tour itch you've been having. The band worked here with Jim Wirt and made their next single over the course of a weekend. We look forward to your hearing what the band made here in the coming months. Keep and eye out for Thru It All in your city this summer.

 Wake Magnolia and Jim Wirt have been tirelessly working on their album Shadow Cast Light for years, and their work has paid off. The album was released this month proceeding their successful singles "Bruiser," "Windmill," and "Majcher." You can truly hear the love and effort in every song, give it a listen here.

We've been lucky to celebrate national guitar month this month with some of our artists here. If you want to hear some stories and see some awesome guitars be sure to follow us on Instagram at @superior_sound_studios to keep up.