Khamsin release new album 'What's Left Of Life?'

By Cassie Whitt

Khamsin release new album  'What's Left Of Life?'

Nashville, Tennessee dreamo trio Khamsin (FFO: mewithoutYou, Turnover, Colour Revolt) take you on a profound journey through vocalist Jacob Curry's grieving process in the wake of his father's passing on their new album What's Left Of Life?
Featuring twinkling precision and fuzz-ridden guitar-work, both odd and sway-worthy rhythms and Curry's vocals, which shift from gentle tenor to throat-shredding vocal fry at a moment's notice, the album defies typical genre restraints, appealing to fans of everything from slowcore to hardcore.
Not only does the musical variation of the album grasp listener attention,  but knowing the story behind the album makes it all the more captivating. 
Khamsin’s debut LP is a deeply personal concept record that explores the aftermath of the sudden loss of frontman Jacob Curry’s father. As a songwriter, Curry draws from both his upbringing in the evangelical church (‘I’ll stick to my sackcloth and ash/Won’t take down my harp and sing’) and his background in biochemical research (‘Dye front flows/Won’t you follow?’). The 9 tracks constructed from the artful, dynamic post-hardcore and impressionistic lyricism are stories detailing newfound anxiety, grappling with your own mortality, and relishing in the past to stabilize your future. 
Khamsin - 'What's Left Of Life?' album art, oil on canvas

1. "Dye Front"
2. "Conjuring"
3. "Sycamore Tree" 
4. "Conniption"
5. "Permanent"
6. "Limbs As Pages (Pt. 2)"
7. "Every Morning"
8. "What's Left Of Life?"
9. "Follow"
Khamsin began as the reverb-laden solo project of Jacob Curry. After moving to Nashville and recruiting friends to flesh out his songs, the music took a turn towards lyrically based, emo-infused indie rock with jagged, linear guitar riffs and a rolling rhythm section. As a full band, including Cole Harrison (bass) and Darin Harger (drums/percussion), the group has shared the stage with a variety of acts throughout the Midwest and East Coast including The Appleseed Cast, Valleyheart, Salt Creek, and Mess.
May 19 —  Philadelphia, PA — Khyber Pass Pub
May 20 — TBD!
May 21 — Akron, OH — It’s a Kling Thing!
May 22 — Columbus, OH — Veritas Short North
"It’s easy to imagine, one day, a world where young bands look to Khamsin in hopes of writing their very own 'What’s Left of Life?'."—Zac Djamoos, The Alternative
“There’s strong 2007 energy coming from this band...Man, I really dug that!...This has got some Saosin, a tiny bit of Circa Survive, that general ballback, some of that noodle-guitar-core...This isn’t lazy music, these guys are nerds...There’s so much to love in the composition.”—Fanboys, The Hard Times Podcast Network