Hard Rockers SILENT TRUST release debut single "My Enemy"

By Cassie Whitt

Hard Rockers SILENT TRUST release debut single "My Enemy"

December 11, 2020 — Introducing Silent Trust—the Mississippi quartet rearing to climb massive stages and spread their message of perseverance in the pursuit of passion. Today, they started that mission with the premiere of their debut single “My Enemy” from the impending EP 7 Days.
The song was delivered to the public for the first time on 97.9 CPR ROCKS in their hometown Biloxi, proving these newcomers are already radio-ready.




The song exemplifies their use of sinister, low-end instrumentation against vocalist Andrew Cospelich’s heartfelt tenor and massive chorus melodies, making it the perfect introduction to the band


The gulf-coast hard rockers recently kickstarted their career when they met now-manager Jasan Radford, formerly of Maverick Records’ Onesidezeroand unleashed a creative flurry. 


"I checked out the band, knew there was something great there, and had to help,” said Radford.


He and the band immediately developed a familial bond and a creative frenzy that ledto their writing and recording seven songs within seven days with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank)—hence the EP title 7 Days.


"We would be at the studio with Jim Wirt ready to roll, work all day, then go back to the AirBNB to work melodies and parts,” said Radford. "It was seven days of four-hour sleep."


The result is a collection of songs that harken to band contemporaries like Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown with the band’s own unique flair and heartfelt determination to make an emotional connection with their audience. 

7 Days is set for release in 2021 via Auspicious Recordings.



It’s the dichotomy of Gulf Coast quartet Silent Trust’s larger-than-life stage presence backed by lyrical transparency about offstage struggles that connects so powerfully with fans, making their hard rock all the more commanding. 


That, and the fact that band—Vocalist Andrew Cospelich, guitarist Mike Yorks, drummer Dustin Mclean and bassist Corey McCollough—draw from a handful of influences ranging from epic ‘80s anthems to grunge, to heavy metal and modern contemporaries like Breaking Benjamin to create a sound they’ve heard compared more often to a moment than to any music the listener has heard before—a je ne sais quoi mixture of thunderous drums and bass and captivating guitar imbued with the spirit of survival and resilience to keep the music flowing through unimaginable circumstances including depression, homelessness, being repeatedly ravaged by tropical storms and even cancer. 


With a new round of singles produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank), the band start from square-one, making a firm sonic declaration positioning them to spread their message to the largest audiences they’ve seen yet. It’s clear these humble Mississippi rockers belong on massive stages with their heartfelt rock blasted through towering stacks to thousands of people who may find just what they need to escape in their music. 


“I’m hoping that when people hear the songs, they release all the emotions there at the concert,” explains Cospelich. “I want them to go home happy instead of going back to the depressed state. To have that feeling of possibly saving someone’s life—that’s a big game-changer. I feel like I’m returning a favor.”

Andrew Cospelich (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting)
Mike Yorks (Guitar)
Dustin McLean (Drums)
Corey McCollough (Bass)