BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS debut fierce new direction with “Finding Me"

By Cassie Whitt

BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS debut fierce new direction with “Finding Me"

October 23 — Never ones to repeat themselves, Tragic Hero Records alumni metalcore duo Brighter Than A Thousand Suns have debuted “Finding Me,” a heart-pounding journey of self-discovery that marries metalcore, nu-metal and active rock seamlessly to create something altogether their own—an anthem proving these previous metalcore mainstays formidable new contenders in the hard rock arena.
“Out of all the promises we make in life, none matter more than those we make to ourselves,” explains guitarist Randy Roswell of the song’s content. “This song is about how the most important times to keep those promises are usually when it’s least convenient to do so.”
Vocalist/drummer Angelika Roswell adds, “Sometimes, the most valuable lessons you may learn about yourself come to you during the moments when you feel yourself breaking apart. In those moments, it is critical that you listen to what the emptiness is trying to tell you.”

The band portray the struggle to remain true to oneself  through adversity in the single’s accompanying music video, which harkens to the macabre, gritty aesthetics of ‘90s predecessors like Nine Inch Nails. In it, Angelika finds herself bound and incapacitated, fighting against ropes and chains to break free. The video has just the perfect amount of spook factor to put you in the mood for Halloween next week.



Serpentine and with regard for neither genre trends nor constraints, husband/wife duo Brighter Than A Thousand Suns have shed skin countless times since their Tragic Hero Records debut full-length Survival Machines in 2011. The band have since dabbled, through several EPs and singles, in the realms of alternative, indie, metalcore and even electronic—all entwined with a gritty and brutally relatable thread they have now nailed down and seamlessly melded to their current vision. 2020 active-rock-meets-nu-metal singles “Replica,” “Gravity” and “Finding Me” declare a refined, raucous, larger-than-life Brighter Than A Thousand Suns ready to shout their message to the masses.


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