BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS release "War In Slow Motion"

By Cassie Whitt

BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS release "War In Slow Motion"

December 11 — If ever you’ve been consumed by a past mistake or a preventable life catastrophe, then you’ve lived the experience Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (BTATS) caution against in their new single “War In Slow Motion,” a treatise on seeing beyond the minor chaos and distractions of the “now” and of the “then” to actualize a future for which you will thank yourself rather than a pit of once-avoidable consequences.

The song, which we guarantee will capture and keep your attention within the first five seconds, features a Nine Inch Nails-inspired synth line underscoring  vocalist/drummer Angelika Roswell’s bared-teeth alto.
It then shifts into an anthemic chorus wherein low-tuned active rock guitars take center stage for a unifying, fists-in-the-air moment as Roswell declares, “We are broken!”
The song release is accompanied by a très spooky video the band shot at a haunted house, which you can view below.


"Sometimes it feels as though we only ever prepare ourselves for our most recent catastrophe after the fact, as if readying ourselves for our last disaster is going to immunize us against the next. It’s like our future belongs to a distant version of ourselves, one whom we casually discard as some unlucky bloke unrelated to our present selves. We’re not telling ourselves the right stories about what’s coming next, thus long-term problems become obscure, inaccessible islands in an ocean of present-tense distraction. This song is about how we need to be better at getting a good reputation with future-us and acting in such a way so that who we are now is worth the trust of who we will become." —Guitarist/Programmer Randy Roswell

The single follows up BTATS nu-metal-inspired track "Finding Me," which was released in October. The band, ever hard-working, aim to release a new track every other month.
Angelika Roswell (Drums, Vocals)
Randy Roswell (Guitar, Programming)