SYNOVIAL release nightmare-inspired metalcore concept EP ‘Songs Of Silver’

By Cassie Whitt

SYNOVIAL release nightmare-inspired metalcore concept EP ‘Songs Of Silver’

Photo By: Jeremy Garza


JULY  17, 2020 -  Chicago five-piece progressive metalcore act Synovial have released their sophomore EP Songs Of Silver.
Mixed and mastered by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit), the EP takes traditional metalcore and infuses it with remarkable melodies and theatrics that set these upstarts vastly apart from their genre peers. Not only is their sound standalone, but the structure and the story of their concept EP are truly captivating.
It started with a dream about the kidnapping of two young girls from a father’s perspective that so viscerally impacted drummer Ross Robbins he had to get it out of his system through art. That dream culminated in 2018 non-EP single “525” (the number he saw on the license plate of the kidnapper’s car.)


“Through the steady cannibalizing of '525,' we were able to transform it into Songs of Silver," says Robbins. "I felt this concept was an opportunity for us to explore emotional depth within the instrumentation and vocal performances. It forced me to immerse myself in the story and to work through the complexity of these characters."


"525" has now reached more than 160K streams across platforms.
Each track on the album shifts perspective, featuring the viewpoint of each character involved to gradually unravel the story, beginning with the father’s perspective in “No Known Suspects,” the EP’s debut single.


Progressing through the EP, you go on to hear the children’s’ perspectives (the hauntingly upbeat “Next Exit”), the kidnapper’s (“Barren: Garden,” "Barren: Wasteland"), and beyond until the true depth of the story becomes apparent. We’re not going to spoil it. You’ll have to interpret it for yourself.


Songs of Silver is the most pretty yet aggressive sounding release we have ever made. While recording, there were times where I couldn’t believe I was part of something so special and emotionally driven. We put a lot of effort into this project and I hope it shows once everyone listens to it!”—Vocalist Kamil Cebula


“A lot changed about our world and our lives as we were writing and recording this. As challenging as it was cathartic, I think this EP is a wonderful mosaic of who we’ve been during that time.”—Guitarist/Vocalist Joshua McKenney


Songs of Silver feels like we've found our own unique sound in the realm of progressive metalcore that we don't hear in any other band right now.”—Guitarist Dylan Rehner

1. “No Known Suspects”
2. “Next Exit”
3. “Meanwhile…”
4. “Empty Circles (Reprise)”
5. “Barren: Garden”
6. “Barren: Wasteland”
7. “Happy Family”
Synovial is a progressive metalcore band from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Utilizing a blend of experimental elements in addition to a wide range of influences in and out of the metal spectrum, they've developed their own approach to the genre. Synovial released their debut EP Triage, in December 2017, their debut music video for "525" in August 2018, and their aggressive single "Aliens" in February 2019. With the band having discovered and refined their sound, they set forth to continue releasing music that tests the boundaries of their genre, starting with their new EP Songs Of Silver.

Kamil Cebula - Vocals
Joshua McKenney - Guitar/Vocals
Dylan Rehner - Guitar
Ross Robbins - Drums
Chris Rodriguez - Bass