Staff Editorial: Let's Talk About K-Pop...

By Cassie Whitt

Staff Editorial: Let's Talk About K-Pop...

(Pictured: BTS, courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment)
One would have to be fully tuned-out to ignore the impact K-Pop stans (fans of Korean Pop Idol groups, for those uninitiated) have, not only on the internet, but on culture at large. 

Most recently, a concerted effort by TikTok users and K-Pop fans lead to a massive OUCH! for President Trump, whose controversial Tulsa, OK rally was thwarted, in part, by the fans’ registering en mass to attend, showing their sheer power, inflating projected numbers, and ultimately leading to a sparsely seated BOK Center. (Roughly 6,200 out of a total 19,000 capacity.)
Imagine having that type of fanbase. The kind that is so connected through your music that they can manifest massive real-world results. Unfortunately, most of  us are never going to be K-Pop stars for many, many reasons—mostly because we didn’t start training for it as children and are not a part of the massive K Idol machine. That is another conversation entirely, and let me tell you, from an industry and a marketing perspective, it’s absolutely fascinating.

("Wonderland" by Ateez is one of your humble narrator's fave K-Pop tracks)

What we can talk about that’s relevant to the everyday musician is fan dedication, and how important it is to build an audience that wants to carry the banner for your music. Numbers are great, and don’t get us wrong, they’re often the first thing companies look at when considering whether to work with your band. However, if those numerous fans aren’t willing to mobilize—on a small scale: go to your shows, buy your merch, tell their friends—you’re going to be stuck looking great on paper while spinning in circles in real life. 
As a self-proclaimed “fangirl” of my favorite band and as a community manager, I happen to know a few things about how to turn a casual fan into a devotee. 
If you’ve found yourself thinking, “All these people like my band, but they won’t [insert your various pleas and calls-to-action here],” we’d love to start a conversation with you to try to break down where you’re going wrong with your following, and how to build a lasting and genuine bond with the people who enjoy your music! 

Contact us and ask about community consultation to get started!

Cassie Whitt, Content Marketing and Branding


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