Excitement VS Strategy: Re-examining Your Rollout

By Cassie Whitt

Excitement VS Strategy: Re-examining Your Rollout

We know the feeling. You’ve finished an album you’re excited about and proud of. The final masters have come in, and as you listen, your heart races and you become overwhelmed with the desperate need to share what you’ve created with the world, and it needs to happen ASAP! 

One of the most common mistakes we encounter with clients is a sense of urgency to release music. Art is so personal that it’s hard to take pause and consider which steps one may be overlooking in the rush to share. 

For instance: How will you keep the conversation going about the album after its drop? Are you willing to miss taking multiple opportunities to make Spotify single pitches? What percentage of your fans can even be made aware you’re dropping new music within a few weeks’ time? 

The times we’ve asked our artists to pause, reconsider and create a more visible rollout plan are innumerable. You’re most certainly not alone if this scenario feels familiar. 

If excitement has ever taken precedence over strategy for your band, we’re here to help you take a breath, re-examine and put your music in front of the audience it truly deserves!

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