Behind The Scenes at 180dB Artists (New ERRA Vinyl!)

By Cassie Whitt

Behind The Scenes at 180dB Artists (New ERRA Vinyl!)

Step into our office!

Every day that we receive a new vinyl pressing from our manufacturer is an exciting one, so we invite you to join our new vinyl joy today!
Above, we see our Merchandise Manager/Head Of Distribution Autumn Klobas in our warehouse, giving us a first look at one of four limited-edition variants of Augment, the 2013 album by progressive metalcore pioneers ERRA. 

The pressing comes following years of fan demand to our clients Tragic Hero Music Group, who selected two variants alongside the band, then opened a poll for fans to select the other two! 

When working with 180dB to press your music, your options are vast, which is what allowed us to forge a stronger bond with ERRA fans and give them a collector’s item they can always feel they had a hand in creating! 

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