Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Please Sign My Band!

By Cassie Whitt

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Please Sign My Band!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a label to pay attention to your band, we have a variety of solutions and advice for that; as, 180dB Artists is, afterall, an artist services company built by a music group that encompasses nine record labels.

Doing the proper research and putting care into direct pitches will always be your best friend when approaching labels, but recently DistroKid recently launched Upstream, a service that is meant to guide labels to you.

The service, available to all DistroKid-distributed artists, will allow those who opt-in to “create an Upstream profile that houses their music links, genre info, streaming data, geographic location, demographic information on listeners if available, social media information, and links to related artists,” according to Rolling Stone.

And if you’re an independent artist who isn’t looking for a signing deal, no worries. You aren’t obligated to opt-in!

On the label side, Rolling Stone says, “[E]xecutives will get a dashboard, as well as some basic filters that enable them to organize their findings by location, genre, and other key details.” Upon signing an artist discovered through Upstream, labels pay a “finders fee,” but the service remains free for artists.

Republic Records is the first label to have been announced as an Upstream participant, with more labels to be announced soon, according to DistroKid.

For more information about Upstream, visit the DistroKid Website.

Stats and basic information can only get you so far, however. Remember: It’s your passion, music and dedication that make you stand out. Not sure how to present your band in a way that makes that abundantly clear to talent-seekers? Email us for a free consultation!