Synthetic Sun premiere "A Funny Story" Music Video

By Cassie Whitt

Synthetic Sun 2021

St. Louis, MO. indie/post-hardcore band SYNTHETIC SUN (FFO: Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day, the Strokes) have released a music video for "A Funny Story" from their 2020 EP Not Having A Good Time.

The track marries indie-inspired grooves with standout lead riffs and a powerful rock chorus the likes of Taking Back Sunday’s modern material. In essence, it captures several genres effortly, think: The Strokes throw a dance party for the midwest emo scene.

The video has a bit of a "funny story," itself; as, it was filmed at St. Louis' Graveless Studios following a night of merriment after a friend's wedding, which paints it with the true authenticity of late-night revelry.

"Some songs are about the good times, some are about the bad, and some are about the poor decisions made between multiple parties at a bar, or even worse, a wedding reception," explains vocalist Nick Geller. "But that is the danger that comes when you are out on the town with your boys and you are all dressed to kill."

Video filmed and edited by: Jandro Montero

Synthetic Sun have released the video for this 2020 track in anticipation of new material. They will be giving Geller's former solo track "I'm A Disease" the full-band treatment, and are currently demo-ing a full-length album of all new tracks. Stay tuned!