CENTERSHIFT (members of Onesidezero, Shuvel) release "My Own World"

By Cassie Whitt

CENTERSHIFT (members of Onesidezero, Shuvel) release "My Own World"

CENTERSHIFT, since releasing debut single “9” have begun conquering not only their local scene in L.A. where they’ve opened for BLACK MAP, HOOBASTANK and ADEMA, but have also begun taking over major markets including Chicago with widespread radio play.

With sophomore single “My Own World,” a track the band describes as "even more accessible” than “9,” they plan only to further their influence.

The track, according to vocalist Jasan Radford, is about “keeping everything inside not to hurt others, hoping that soon they forgive, and soon they will forget.”

Sonically, the track can be compared to Hoobastank, Chevelle and Radford’s previous band ONESIDEZERO with a continuous groove throughout the verses and a powerful, crooning chorus that is sure to make listeners want to listen time and again.


The track is accompanied by the release of a music video featuring aerial dance choreographed specifically for the song.

"To me, the song, at its core, is about moving on," explains the video's featured aerialist and choreographer Kaylee Sachs. "I wanted the dance to convey the range of emotions that often accompany the process of moving on."

"The love and emotion Kaylee brings forth in the performance is incredible," explains Radford. "When watching her first practices, we could not hold back the goosebumps. Director Ben Trandem’s vision came to life in each shot—the two of them captured the story perfectly."

CENTERSHIFT - "My Own World" single cover

One could say CENTERSHIFT has been a band in-the-making since the mid-’90s when vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford started ONESIDEZERO (Maverick Records). During the early-’00s rock radio craze, they played with System Of A Down, Static X, Incubus and a host of other bands that would make any post-grunge fan’s toes curl.

Through touring, Radford met now-Centershift drummer Mike Tarabotto who played in the final incarnation of ONESIDEZERO, then bassist Ted Wenri of BEMUS fame when both their bands toured with DREDG. In 2021, the band solidified their standing as a nü-metal powerhouse with the addition of SHUVEL guitarist Ryan Shane Stuber.

“Over the years, we got together, formulated songs and always knew we wanted to play together. Finally, through the stars aligning, we created Centershift,” says Radford.
Though the band has a long history, this incarnation is brimming with new ideas. “We were going to call the band ONE, but felt that was too much [like] ONESIDEZERO. It was time to write something fresh and new.”

Inspired by the shared human experience, CENTERSHIFT communicates life’s nuances through apexes of hearty, distorted guitar overlaid with intricate, mournful riffs and punctuated by biting, contemplative vocal-driven verses, co-written by the entire band.

“When we step on stage, we want the four of us to be playing that song because we all feel it internally.”

Not only within the band, but as a whole, CENTERSHIFT represents hope for emotional unity in a world divided.
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